Soft skills development: coming soon

In these sessions we will share the skills we already have and enable each other to develop the so-called “soft skills”, ideally – but not always – using examples and exercises that are not tax related.

Our commitment to attendees will be to ensure that they are aware of what the session will involve, and that if they are required to do anything individually (e.g. make a short presentation) this will be mentioned in the notice of the session. What we would ask of attendees is that they must all join in, so there are no observers in these sessions.

Topics will depend on what expertise our members have and are happy to share – we are planning a session on “finding your voice” (see below) and other suggestions we are considering are:

Presentation skills
Writing for publication/ e-publication/ journals


Finding your voice
by Wendy Bradley

February 2016, date and venue TBC

Does your voice carry your personality and authority the way you might wish?  In a playful session (expect to make some noises you’ve never made before!) we’ll be looking at how the voice is produced and how you can modify it to create the impact you desire.

Details will be listed on the website – see the events list to the right. Register with this site (also on the right hand site) for alerts and news.

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